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Collections Overview

The Stanford University Archaeology Collections (SUAC) is a museum-style collection of archaeological, anthropological, and archival materials cared for by the Stanford Archaeology Center on behalf of Stanford University. The collection includes over 100,000 items possessing global scope and regional strengths while reflecting the university's unique collecting history. Over half of the collection originates in North America, with important accessions in the Bay Area and northern California, British Columbia and Alaska, the Southwest, West Mexico, and Illinois. SUAC also holds collections from South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many places, peoples, and periods are represented within the collections, which manifest a range of complex histories and present-day significances.

Stanford University Archaeology Collections are available for browsing through our Collections Online portal. Our digital database is a work in progress, and more collections will be added as we continue collections management, inventory, and research work on the collection.

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